Adventuring Fools

Recovering Stolen Goods
Session 1

Kobold raiders raid a caravan bound for Fallcrest and loot it’s cargo. The Dwarf Armourer, Teldorthan Goldcap, advertises for adventurers to recover his valuable cured green dragon skin that was part of the stolen booty. Answering the call are Jadra, Mayumi, Tanwyn and Tharkun.

They head out to the ruined manor now known as Kobold Hall, known hideout of the local Kobold tribe. Heading into the ruined cellars of the structure the party opens relations with the diminutive lizard men by slaughtering their way through a number of rooms filled with them. The Kobolds have no time to activate their cunning traps and games before swift stabby death occurs.

The chief of the tribe is guarded by a rolling boulder trap which causes the party to dance around the room even if it doesn’t actually get to squish anyone. The chieftain makes a spirited last stand in the corner of the room whilst Tharkun makes friends with a small flappy drake, but eventually all resistance is quelled and Tanwyn liberates a magic hammer from the chieftain’s treasure stash.

The ruins of the mansion give way to a natural cavern and the party presses onwards. A White Dragon swoops from the shadows and declares that he is Szartharrax, God of the Kobold tribe and mighty angry at the invaders. An epic battle ensues with Szartharrax’s freezing breath taking a heavy toll on the party. Only the quick actions of Tharkun save Tanwyn from the brink of death when he forces a healing potion between her unconcious lips. Eventually the stream of Mayumi’s arrows and the constant harrying of Tharkuns flaming sphere bring the beast down and the stolen skin is recovered. The party also helps themselves to Szartharrax’s piles of coinage and an enchanted steel mask fashioned in the shape of leering skull.

Returning to Fallcrest the party decides how to spend it’s reward. If they are to continue working together then perhaps investing in a real magic implement for Tharkun would improve the accuracy he was managing before with his mundane (but pretty) staff. Something with real magic, and sparkles, and maybe a knob on the end.


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